Brother PA State Representative Stephen Kinsey hosted a get out the vote rally featuring fellow Kappaman Congressman Hakeeem Jeffries.
Philadelphia Alumni have been out registering voters and #GOTV every weekend in October and have co-host several pop-up rallies for GOTV. These culminated in the GOTV rally.

During the Voter Outreach we worked with politically astute Silver Spring Alumni Chapter, motivated undergraduate Nupes from The University of Pennsylvania Chapter, The Delta Eta of Kappa Alpha Psi and energized National Panhellenic Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania alumni fraters and sorors to register voters and GOTV in our communities all month.

“Many of the households we talked to already voted or had a plan to vote on Tuesday” – Community/Social Action Chair Troy Smith

This event was a social distanced outdoor rally for the community to come out, enjoy some tunes by area DJs/personalities Greg Nitty and Diamond Kuts in between GOTV encouragement from some of our best public servants. Attendees received Black Votes Win Elections Signs, T-Shirts and more.

“Every vote counts and we want every vote counted” – 49th Polemarch Atty. Damian S. Jackson

This culminated in the GOTV Rally on October 31 featuring great public servant leaders US Rep Hakeem Jeffries, PA State Rep Stephen Kinsey & Council Members Cindy Bass & Kappa Man Derek Green. Council Member Cindy Bass closed the program by letting us know that the margin between the winner and loser of Pennsylvania in the last general election was just three votes per district.

The nation votes November 3rd! Make a plan! Know your ballot! and Go Vote!