“…We thank you and embrace the opportunity to change Philadelphia for the better.”

Polemarch Dr. Darren Lipscomb J.D.
50th Polemarch Dr. Darren Lipscomb J.D.
Welcome to the prestigious Philadelphia Alumni Chapter website. Whether you are a brother, silhouette, member of another Greek organization or a member of the communities we serve, we thank you for visiting our site and look forward to serving you and addressing whatever inquiry drove you here.

Since 1922, the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter has been a pillar within the Greater Philadelphia region, having served as an incubator for leadership at the city and state levels while also generating millions of dollars in economic impact. Each year, our Chapter devotes countless hours to community engagement allowing us to positively impact the lives of hundreds of Philadelphians. Our flagship program, the Achievement Academy, has set the expectation in this realm creating a space for the members of our chapter to provide high touch support to African American boys and teenagers throughout the City. As we look to the future, our past work is merely a beginning.
We stand on the shoulders of Brothers such as Attorney Hiliary T. Hollaway, Reverend Dr. Leon Sullivan and Attorney Cecil B. Moore as we continue to build upon the legacy of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter and our noble clan of Kappa men. In line with that legacy, the coming years will be filled with innovation and a commitment to expanding our footprint in community outreach. Whether you donate, take part in our events or share what we’re doing with your own networks, we thank you and embrace the opportunity to change Philadelphia for the better.
Again, we welcome you to our site and look forward to having you accompany us for the ride.
Warmest regards,
Dr. Darren Lipscomb, Ed.D. J.D.
Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter
Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity, Inc