Have you requested and received your mail in ballot but still have it in hand? Now make it Count!

No “Naked” Ballots!

A naked ballot is any mail in or absentee ballot not correctly completed. Here is a summary of steps to completing your ballot

  1.  Inspect your ballot!
    • You should have: the ballot, an instruction card, a secrecy envelop and a sheet explaining ballot questions (measures)
    • Is your ballot damaged? Request and complete a replacement at a satellite voting office!
  2. Complete your ballot: Fill out the ballot clearly, using black or blue ink
  3. “Dress” your ballot: Place ballot in the ‘secrecy’ envelope
  4. Envelope your ballot: Put it all in the outer envelope
  5. Sign your ballot: Sign the back of the outer envelope

Need more details? Read detailed instructions at BillyPenn.com.

Make It Count

All done? Here are all the ways you can cast your mail-in ballot!

Mail it by Tuesday October 27th, 2020

If you want to return it by mail, make sure you drop it off at your nearest United States Post Service Office location, drop it in a USPS mailbox, hand it to your regular postal carrier before regular pick up times on October 27, 2020 to ensure your ballot is postmarked on the 27th of October and can be delivered by November 3rd.

You will receive notice directly from the Philadelphia County Commissioners when they receive your ballot.

Drop your ballot in a 1 of 11 ballot drop boxes

Voters from any part of the city of Philadelphia can return their own voted ballot. These drop boxes are accessible 24/7, and they are located at:

  • City Hall (South Broad Apron), 1400 John F Kennedy Blvd 19107
  • Riverview Place (Columbus Boulevard side of the building), 520 N Columbus Blvd 19123
  • The Eastern State Penitentiary, 2027 Fairmount Ave 19130
  • Markward Playground: 400 S Taney St., 19146
  • Pelbano Rec. Center: 8101 Bustleton Ave., 19152
  • Ford PAL Rec. Center: 609 Snyder Ave., 19148
  • Smith Playground: 2100 S 24th St,. 19145
  • Vogt Rec. Center: 4131 Unruh Ave.,19135
  • Independence Branch Library: 18 S 7th St., 19106
  • Dorothy Emanuel Rec. Center, 8500 Pickering Street, Philadelphia, PA 19150
  • Pleasant Playground, 6800 Chew Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119

Complete a mail in ballot at 1 of 17 Satellite Offices

Any Philadelphia voter may go to any satellite office to vote. The Philadelphia City Commissioners have opened in-person mail-in voting offices where voters can register or update their voter registration, apply for a mail-in ballot in person, receive their ballot, complete their ballot, and return it, all in one visit. Any voters can utilize any of the satellite election offices throughout the city. View a most up to date list of satellite mail-in voting offices at the City Commissioner website by following this link (https://satellite-offices.philadelphiavotes.com/).

All Satellite Election Offices have a wheelchair accessible entrance. Language Assistance for limited-English proficient voters is also available. If you need reasonable accommodations or have questions about the accessibility of a location near you, please contact vote@phila.gov. 

# Region Location Address Zip Status Function
1 Center City City Hall Room 140 1400 John F Kennedy Blvd 19107 Open Full Service
2 Far Northeast George Washington High School 10175 Bustleton Ave 19116 Open Full Service
3 North The Liacouras Center 1776 N Broad St 19121 Open Full Service
4 Northwest Roxborough High School 6498 Ridge Ave 19128 Open Full Service
5 Southwest Tilden Middle School 6601 Elmwood Ave 19142 Open Full Service
6 Upper North Julia De Burgos Elementary 401 W Lehigh Ave 19133 Open Full Service
7 West Overbrook Elementary School(Annex Trailer) 2032 N 62Nd St 19151 Open Full Service
8 South Creative And Performing Arts 901 S Broad St 19147 Open Full Service
9 Northwest A. B. Day School 6324 Crittenden St 19138 Open Full Service
10 Lower Northeast J Hampton Moore School 6900 Summerdale Ave 19111 Open Full Service
11 Upper North Julia Ward Howe School 5800 N 13th St 19141 Open Full Service
12 West Alain Locke School 4550 Haverford Ave 19139 Open Full Service
13 Center City Riverview Place, 1st Floor 520 N Columbus Blvd 19123 Open Full Service
14 Far Northeast Joseph H. Brown School 3600 Stanwood St 19136 Open Full Service
15 Lower Northeast Harding Middle School 2000 Wakeling Street 19124 Open Full Service
16 River Mastbaum High School 3116 Frankford Ave 19134 Open Full Service
17 Upper North Feltonville Intermediate School 238 E Wyoming Ave 19120 Open Full Service

Only drop off your own ballot…

Remember: Voters may only drop off their own ballot unless the voter is physically unable to personally submit their Absentee or Mail-in Ballot and has designated an agent to deliver their ballot and the completed forms are submitted with the ballot. The Designation and Certification of Agent Forms can be downloaded from the City Commissioner’s website by following this link (https://www.philadelphiavotes.com/en/voters/mail-in-and-absentee-ballots).

You may find more information about voting in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Commissioners voting website.