Brothers of Philadelphia Alumni of Kappa Alpha Psi assembled at the Nile Swim Club in Yeadon, PA. Brothers brought lawn chairs and grills to cook out and socialized with each other and their families. The Nile Swim Club is:

[…] a member owned and operated 501c3 non-profit corporation, located in Yeadon, PA.

The NSC was established in 1958, after two African American families applied for membership at the racially exclusive Yeadon Swim Club, and were denied. In response, the Yeadon African American community decided to build its own private swim club that welcomed all races. For 60 years the Nile Swim Club has provided the community with a safe place for families to enjoy the summer!

Today, the club offers swim lessons, splash parties, basketball, tennis and aquatic fitness and other activities for the community members of all ages. The pool season runs from May-September.

Brothers Sam and Anthony Patterson (Club President) are life long members and Brother Dr. Keith Earle, Sr. is a member of the Board of Governors. Check out photos below!