Chair Rafiq Diya-Al Fareed created the Educational Business Development Series as one of his main initiatives. The 2018 edition continued on February 24, 2018 at 10 am with a session regarding economic opportunities within and around institutions of higher education. The “Economic & Employment Opportunities in Higher Education” session featured subject matter experts were:

  • Brother John Byars, JD, MBA, Director-Procurement Services, St. Joseph’s University
  • Brother Joseph Meade, Jr., Chief of Staff to the President, LaSalle University
  • Brother Michael Robinson MS Counseling. Director, Community Outreach and Hiring-Office of Human Resources, Temple University
Brother Robinson enjoyed the event and publish praise of Economic Development Committee chair Al-Fareed:
I was honored to represent Temple University, serving on a panel this morning, discussing economic development, vendor contract opportunities, and employment in higher education during an open forum at the Achievement Center. […] Special shout out to … Rafiq Al-Fareed and the men of Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity for organizing today’s public forum.
The specific topics were  economic development, vendor contract opportunities, and employment in higher education.