The Divine 9 week of Action is an initiative from the NPHC organizations to turnout the African American vote for the midterm elections on Tuesday November 6, 2018.
From US House Assistant Minority Jim Clyburn (D-SC):

This week of action will be a final push to turnout the vote before November 6th. I am writing to ask for your assistance and the assistance of your chapters and members in raising awareness of the General Election and to assist in mobilizing and increasing African American voter turnout across the country.
We ask that you assist in the following ways:

  1. First, please post the attached flyer to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media pages, share it with all other Divine Nine members that you know, and place in prominent locations in your neighborhoods, places of worship and campuses.
  2. Please encourage all members to vote early, absentee or whatever the option is in your respective state. This will enable us to be available to assist on election day.
  3. Please join with members of your chapter or other Divine Nine members and canvas African American neighborhoods. If you decide to canvass, please show your pride and wear your D-9 colors! And, of course, show your D-9 pride at the polls!
  4. If you are aware of elderly relatives, friends, and neighbors who need assistance, PLEASE encourage them to vote early or, take them to vote absentee in person.
  5. Volunteer to assist with Get Out The Vote efforts in your state, county, or municipality on Election Day.

To participate email