Our Leadership

Training for leadership since 1911.


Darryl Stephens

1st Vice Polemarch
L. Douglas Harrell, Jr.

2nd Vice Polemarch
Clarence Izzard

Keeper of Records
Darren Lipscomb

Asst. Keeper of Records
Carzel Bostic

Keeper of Exchequer
Kenneth Lesesne

Asst. Keeper of Exchequer
Anthony Lawson

John W. Nelson, Jr.

1st Lt. Strategus
Dennis Butler

2nd Lt. Strategus
Anthony Bazile

Board Members

Bobby Hunter*

Damian Jackson

Paris O. Sandlin

Albert Wilkins

Louis A Williams I*

*Past Philadelphia Alumni Polemarch

W. Wilson Goode, Sr.

Craig Walker

Nominating Committee Chairman
Ronald Johnson

Chapter Historian
Rodney Whitmire

Newsletter Editor
Victor T. Wyatt-Prater